Welcome to the X-4 Tool Division of Geartronics Industries

X-4 Tool provides the world's leading family of torque multipliers and torque limiters all of which are proudly made in the United States of America. X-4 tools have been on the job for decades and have been used in environments ranging from the airfield to the oil field to the battlefield, as well as in local garages.

When you invest in an X-4 Tool Torque Multiplier you should rest assured that we will always stand behind you. X-4 tools are not cheaply made, throw-away devices. If your X-4 Torque Multiplier ever needs repair or refurbishing we can rebuild it to original specifications.

X-4 Torque Multipliers reliably provide the necessary power to loosen the toughest threaded fasteners since they are capable of generating torque from a few hundred to thousands of foot-pounds with precision and ease.